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Mentor for Moms Podcast with Susan Seay

Sep 19, 2017

On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast w/ your host Susan Seay, let's talk about the following:

  • Myths about being intentional
  • Intentional is not perfect. Perfect moms aren’t real, and real moms aren’t perfect.- (Thx Jill Savage and Dr Kathy Koch)
  • The Mom Continuum defined
  • Questions intentional moms ask:
    • What am I truly committed to?
    • What are my family's core values?
    • How can I live into my family's core values today?
    • How can I practice acceptance of myself and others today?
  • Family vision is not for comparison.
  • The opposite of comparison is...
  • Intentional Mom Framework
    • Create a vision for your family
    • Define your family's core values
    • Apply your core values to the 5 priority areas mentioned in the podcast.