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Mentor for Moms Podcast with Susan Seay

Aug 22, 2022

Welcome to the In Case You Missed It Series. [ICYMI] Here's a replay of episode #18. I thought you might find it helpful. Enjoy, and then share it with a friend!

Have you ever met a mom whose life made your head hurt or made you feel tired?

  • She is a single parent, who works 2 jobs, is finishing her degree in school, and has time to volunteer at church

  • OR she’s a stay-at-home mom who volunteers for every group or leads them, she exercises daily, and her house is always beautiful inside and out

  • OR .... well, you get the picture. There is any number of other things that make you feel like- What am I doing with my life?

If you can’t figure out how that other mom is doing it, let yourself off the hook by acknowledging that you don’t have to know. It’s her measure of grace.

Grace-based mothering - what does that look like? Let's talk about it on today's show.

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