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Mentor for Moms Podcast with Susan Seay

Nov 29, 2021

Let's continue the challenge to be more intentional concerning your health. Listen in as I explain the 4 phases of your monthly cycle and how you better live in sync with your cycle.
Most women have never heard this information before. Share this. Together, let's help more women learn to look for the...

Nov 15, 2021

In Ep 97 and 98 we talked about “Why most time management advice doesn’t work for moms. If you haven’t heard those, they will make a great connection for you as you listen to the next few episodes where we will talk about hormones and productivity.

Let's have a girlfriend chat about how we can learn to work WITH...

Nov 8, 2021

When moms are asked what they want most for their kids, what do you think is the most common answer? Most say- “I want my kids to be happy.” Where we often go wrong is WHAT we think makes kids happy, and HOW we go about making them happy.


Let's talk about the role of responsibility in preparing our kids to enjoy a...

Nov 1, 2021

Every mom needs a break. When we go too long without a break between the two we end feeling irritable, snappy, cranky, and mean. We think it’s our inability to cope when it’s really our need for a gap to be created.
Let's talk today about how to create unreachable zones. A place to create the much-needed break...